Dvořák’s Formal Education Outside Music

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Title:Dvořák’s Formal Education Outside Music
Beveridge, David R.
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Hudební věda, 42, 1, pp. 5-48
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The Dvořák literature has little to say on the subject of his education outside the realm of music. Close study of the topic, moreover, reveals that what has been written is often mistaken or at best seriously misleading. This is in part because direct documentation is scarce. My own researches draw on a variety of materials including especially the applicable law regarding elementary education in the Austrian Empire, various studies of the history of education in the Czech lands, the records of the school of St. Mary of the Snows in Prague (some of them previously examined but only cursorily), biographical sketches of Dvořák published during his own lifetime but ignored in most Dvořák literature, and an article published in 1905 on the history of education in Zlonice. My conclusions are many and varied, but the main results may be summarized as follows: 1) A significant strengthening of our conviction that Dvořák was an exceptionally bright and industrious student; 2) On the other hand, a reevaluation of the nature of his non-musical educational curriculum, as having never gone beyond the level offered by an elementary school – a level attained by many of his fellow students before reaching the age of twelve. In particular, the frequent use of the Czech term pokračovací (continuing) to describe Dvořák’s education after leaving Nelahozeves, implying advancement beyond the curriculum of an elementary school, is unfounded and misleading.

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Title:Dvořák’s Formal Education Outside Music
Translated title:Dvořákovo mimohudební školní vzdělání
Beveridge, David R.
Uncontrolled Keywords:life, studies
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Journal or Publication Title:Hudební věda
Page Range:pp. 5-48
Publisher:Etnologický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i. – Kabinet hudební historie
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Beveridge, David R. (2005) Dvořák’s Formal Education Outside Music. Hudební věda, 42 (1). pp. 5-48. ISSN 0018-7003

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