Záviš, autor liturgické poezie 14. století

Language: Czech
Title:Záviš, autor liturgické poezie 14. století
Vlhová-Wörner, Hana
Journal or Publication Title:
Hudební věda, 44, 3-4, pp. 229-260


The medieval poet and composer Záviš is known as author of religious and secular poetry, written in Latin and in Czech. Scholar works – both of musicologists and literary historians – mostly focused on his love song Jižť mne všě radost ostává, looking for its correct musical reconstruction and the proper place within the late-fourteenth-century vernacular literary tradition. The article deals with Záviš’s less studied works, which represent typical additions to the repertory of the Latin liturgical poetry. It revises the hitherto authoritative Mužík’s interpretation of the Záviš’s lai O Maria, mater Christi and its transmission, brings analysis of his tropes Kyrie Inmense conditor and Gloria Patri et filio, and compares Záviš’s output to the typical or exceptional works of the late-fourteenth / early fifteenth-century. The chants which can be today attributed to Záviš, show a strong influence by the late-medieval German repertory, knowledge of the chants once performed (only) in the St Vitus’s Cathedral, and reveal a surprising link to the contemporary poetical repertory in Northern Italy. Following this, new arguments arise supporting older hypothesis about the identification of the autor ‘Záviš’ as the influencial church official Záviš of Zapy.

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Title:Záviš, autor liturgické poezie 14. století
Translated title:Záviš, the Fourteenth-Century Author of Liturgical Poetry
Vlhová-Wörner, Hana
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Journal or Publication Title:Hudební věda
Page Range:pp. 229-260
Publisher:Etnologický ústav AV ČR, v. v. i. – Kabinet hudební historie
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Vlhová-Wörner, Hana (2007) Záviš, autor liturgické poezie 14. století. Hudební věda, 44 (3-4). pp. 229-260. ISSN 0018-7003

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