Minerální prameny v severním povodí řeky Mže

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Language: Czech
Title:Minerální prameny v severním povodí řeky Mže
Jiskra, Zdeněk; Roztoky, Czech Republic
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Acta Onomastica, 50, 1, pp. 102-108
Uncontrolled Keywords:onomastics


The paper is focused on the names of mineral springs in the central part of Western Bohemian Spa area, their origins and changes. The majority of those fountains was called after the neighbouring villages, where they are known by local inhabitants as sources of delicious water. This article concentrates on some of them, which got special names – originally after location, character and savour. During the 19th century, they were newly named – after saints, clergymen and royal personalities. The owners of mineral sources, who profited here heavily, led a struggle against competitors owning other springs and there and then, some wells were destructed. Other damages were caused by wrong amelioration or road construction. With the extinction of the well extincted even its name.

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Title:Minerální prameny v severním povodí řeky Mže
Translated title:Mineral Springs in the Northern Part of the River Mže Basin
Jiskra, Zdeněk; Roztoky, Czech Republic
Uncontrolled Keywords:onomastics
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Journal or Publication Title:Acta Onomastica
Page Range:pp. 102-108
Publisher:the Czech Language Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v. v. i.
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Jiskra, Zdeněk (2009) Minerální prameny v severním povodí řeky Mže. Acta Onomastica, 50 (1). pp. 102-108. ISSN 1211-4413

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