Übernamen in Satzform im mittelalter-lichen Regensburg

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Title:Übernamen in Satzform im mittelalter-lichen Regensburg
Kohlheim, Rosa
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Acta Onomastica, 47, 1, pp. 274-281
Uncontrolled Keywords:onomastics


About 6% of the nicknames attested in medieval documents of Regensburg (Germany) are phrase names. The most frequent type consists of verb + (article) + noun (e. g. Zukch-swert, Richt-en-tisch). Considering etymology and context as well as the occurrence of identical or similar phrase names in other German areas we try to discover their motivation as far as possible. Our examples show that phrase names may be descriptive of the physical appearance, occupation and habits of their bearers. In our opinion the analysis of frequent phrase names denoting drinking habits (e. g. Süchentrunch ) or a violent disposition (e. g. Zukchswert) may provide historians with valuable information concerning medieval mentality and dominating moral/cultural values in medieval society. A close cooperation between onomasticians and historians would be of great importance for further investigation in this field.

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Title:Übernamen in Satzform im mittelalter-lichen Regensburg
Translated title:Phrase By-Names in the Medieval Regensburg
Kohlheim, Rosa
Uncontrolled Keywords:onomastics
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Journal or Publication Title:Acta Onomastica
Page Range:pp. 274-281
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Kohlheim, Rosa (2006) Übernamen in Satzform im mittelalter-lichen Regensburg. Acta Onomastica, 47 (1). pp. 274-281. ISSN 1211-4413

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