Záhada vývoje jména Břetislav

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Language: Czech
Title:Záhada vývoje jména Břetislav
Palkosková, Olga
Journal or Publication Title:
Acta Onomastica, 47, 1, pp. 383-386
Uncontrolled Keywords:onomastics, anthroponyms


The forms of the name Břetislav, unusual in terms of the language development, appear on Czech coins from the 11th century. The name of the prince Břetislav I., who minted coins in 11th century, is stamped on them in three different forms: BRACI-SLAV, BRECILAVC, and BRETISLAV. During the 11th century the appearance of the stamped A – innapropriate in the first syllable – predominates, as well same as the appearance of the stamped T. This disproportion can have several explanations, none of which is, however, fully satisfactory.

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Title:Záhada vývoje jména Břetislav
Translated title:The Mystery of the Development of the Name Břetislav
Palkosková, Olga
Uncontrolled Keywords:onomastics, anthroponyms
Subjects:P Language and Literature > P Philology. Linguistics
Divisions:Humanities and Social Sciences > 9. Section of Humanities and Philology > Institute of the Czech Language > Acta Onomastica
Journal or Publication Title:Acta Onomastica
Page Range:pp. 383-386
Publisher:the Czech Language Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, v. v. i.
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Palkosková, Olga (2006) Záhada vývoje jména Břetislav. Acta Onomastica, 47 (1). pp. 383-386. ISSN 1211-4413

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