Případ Galadriel

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Language: Czech
Title:Případ Galadriel
Dvořáková, Žaneta; Praha, Czech Republic
Journal or Publication Title:
Acta onomastica, 52, 1, pp. 212-214
Uncontrolled Keywords:anthroponyms, literary onomastics


Fictional anthroponyms in literature are mostly based on real names or they are inspired by them. However, real onymic system is influenced by fictional names as well. This fact can be documented by a fashion of naming babies according movie or literature characters. Some fictional anthroponyms can become official (for example Jessica is a proper name created by W. Shakespeare). There is a question – what shall we do if someone wants to name a baby by a fictional name such as Galadriel from the Lord of the Rings by J. R. R. Tolkien? Czech law does not allow naming by name which is not documented as real and official. But is it right or not?

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Title:Případ Galadriel
Translated title:The Case of Galadriel
Dvořáková, Žaneta; Praha, Czech Republic
Uncontrolled Keywords:anthroponyms, literary onomastics
Subjects:P Language and Literature > P Philology. Linguistics
Divisions:Humanities and Social Sciences > 9. Section of Humanities and Philology > Institute of the Czech Language > Acta Onomastica
Journal or Publication Title:Acta onomastica
Page Range:pp. 212-214
Publisher:Acta onomastica
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Dvořáková, Žaneta (2011) Případ Galadriel. Acta onomastica, 52 (1). pp. 212-214. ISSN 1211-4413

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