Modelové poňatie pragmatoným

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Language: Slovak
Title:Modelové poňatie pragmatoným
Garančovská, Lenka; Fakulta humanitných vied UMB, Tajovského 40, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
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Acta onomastica, 51, 2, pp. 470-497
Uncontrolled Keywords:onomastics, pragmatonyms, motivation models


Model Concept of Pragmatonyms Pragmatonyms represent a not much investigated field of onomastics, which dis-poses of plenty of stimuli for scholarly research not only in the field of onomastics. We focused our attention to the formation of extra-linguistic (motivation models) fea-tures of pragmatonyms in dairy industry. One of the most frequent motivation models (regardless of whether it holds the function of a dominant or minor attribute) is the motivation model C (attribute, chara-cteristic feature), within the scope of which we are able to distinguish following de-nomination motives: inherent (composition of the product, its shape, its size, taste /flavour/, quantity, packing, colour, texture, quality) and/or adherent features (identifi-cation of the product, its purpose, consumer character, healthy diet, fitness of the surroundings which the products come from, or traditional mode of production). Further, the motivation model B is present. It designates directly the specific type of product. Motivation model A is also relatively frequent. Geographical adherence to the respective producer, either direct or indirect (symbolic) constitutes a denominative motivation. Motivation model D that indicates possessive relation is less frequent. Proper na-mes (anthroponyms, literary proper names and logonyms) and to a lesser extent the appellatives usually manifest possession. The analysed onymic corpus shows that it is impossible to establish clear motiva-tion of certain pragmatonyms. Therefore, motivation model X is to be taken into consideration. It covers pragmatonyms with equivocal motivation sign.

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Title:Modelové poňatie pragmatoným
Translated title:Model Concept of Pragmatonyms
Garančovská, Lenka; Fakulta humanitných vied UMB, Tajovského 40, Banská Bystrica, Slovakia
Uncontrolled Keywords:onomastics, pragmatonyms, motivation models
Subjects:P Language and Literature > P Philology. Linguistics
Divisions:Humanities and Social Sciences > 9. Section of Humanities and Philology > Institute of the Czech Language > Acta Onomastica
Journal or Publication Title:Acta onomastica
Page Range:pp. 470-497
Publisher:Acta onomastica
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Garančovská, Lenka (2010) Modelové poňatie pragmatoným. Acta onomastica, 51 (2). pp. 470-497. ISSN 1211-4413

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