Cenzura a kulturní regulace

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Language: Czech
Title:Cenzura a kulturní regulace
Müllerová, Beate
Journal or Publication Title:
Czech Literature, 57, 4, pp. 503-531
Uncontrolled Keywords:Soviet bloc, censorship, new censorship, Wittgenstein, Ludwig


The revival of censorship studies over the last two decades is due not only to the implosion of the Soviet bloc and the ensuing release of official records from East European states for research purposes, but also to conceptual changes in our understanding of censorship. Proponents of the so-called 'new censorship' have advocated a view of censorship much broader than the traditional one by insisting that apart from institutionalized, interventionist ('regulatory') censorship, social interaction and communication is affected by 'constitutive', or 'structural' censorship: forms of discourse regulation which influence what can be said by whom, to whom, how, and in which context. However, widening the concept 'censorship' in this way carries the risk of equating censorship with any kind of social control, thus endangering its heuristic potential. The analysis of censorship should adopt Wittgenstein's concept of family resemblance to distinguish between central and peripheral characteristics of censorship, in addition to using the communication model as a systematic basis for censorial practices and effects.

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Title:Cenzura a kulturní regulace
Translated title:Censorship and the Control of Culture
Müllerová, Beate
Uncontrolled Keywords:Soviet bloc, censorship, new censorship, Wittgenstein, Ludwig
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Divisions:Humanities and Social Sciences > 9. Section of Humanities and Philology > Institute of Czech Literature > Česká literatura (Czech Literature)
Journal or Publication Title:Czech Literature
Page Range:pp. 503-531
Publisher:Insitute of Czech Literature, of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic
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Müllerová, Beate (2009) Cenzura a kulturní regulace. Czech Literature, 57 (4). pp. 503-531. ISSN 0009-0468

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