Mesianistický variant slovenského romantizmu

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Language: Slovak
Title:Mesianistický variant slovenského romantizmu
Somolayová, Lubica
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Czech Literature, 57, 6, pp. 836-854
Uncontrolled Keywords:messianism, romanticism, Hroboň, Samo Bohdan


This article is concerned with ideological basis of Romantic Slavic messianism, which it explores by considering the thinking of Samo Bohdan Hroboň (1820–1894). In the introductory section, the author recalls the genesis and development of the term ‘messianism’. Here she takes it to mean a special utopia comprising conviction, faith (and not solely religious) in being chosen, and seeing oneself as the vehicle for the historical task of saving the world. The article defines in detail the scholarly concept of the Slavic literary messianism of Oskár Čepan (1925–1992), its changes, and its subsequent reflection in literary studies by Cyril Kraus, Stanislav Šmatlák, Joanna Goszczyńska, and Rudolf Dupkala. The second part of the article considers Hroboň’s works. Drawing on texts with a primarily aesthetic function, the author reconstructs the ideology that form the basis of the texts, paying particular attention to the process of mystical sacralization, which appears as the sanctification of the Slovak nation.

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Title:Mesianistický variant slovenského romantizmu
Translated title:A Messianic Version of Slovak Romanticism
Somolayová, Lubica
Uncontrolled Keywords:messianism, romanticism, Hroboň, Samo Bohdan
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Journal or Publication Title:Czech Literature
Page Range:pp. 836-854
Publisher:Institute of Czech Literature AS CR
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Somolayová, Lubica (2009) Mesianistický variant slovenského romantizmu. Czech Literature, 57 (6). pp. 836-854. ISSN 0009-0468

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