Orientalismus a sebeorientalizace

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Language: Czech
Title:Orientalismus a sebeorientalizace
Glanc, Tomáš
Journal or Publication Title:
Czech Literature, 57, 6, pp. 877-890
Uncontrolled Keywords:Orientalism, Said, Edward, slavic studies


This essay, written for the Czech translation of Edward Said’s (1935–2003) Orientalism (1978), explores ways in which to apply Said’s concept to Slavic Studies. The author points out two key features. The first, the concept of ‘self-Orientalization’ (which the author uses in this context), indicates that Slavness (unlike Orientalism) is an activity developed chiefly within the community it relates to. Second, the concept signals that in certain circumstances among Slavs as a whole strategies develop that ‘Orientalize’ the individual parts among themselves (for example, the relations between Russian Slavdom and ‘south-central-European’ Slavdom). The author offers two examples in support of his premise: one, a contextual interpretation of Pushkin’s Klevetnikam Rossii (To the Slanderers of Russia, 1831); the other, an interpretation of intra-Slav tensions and the thematization of Slavness, which appeared during the preparations for the Slav Congress of 1908. In conclusion, the author states that the general inspiration of Said’s concept consists in the interdisciplinary exploration of the ways in which these ideas were formed, who formed them, and what was the longterm result.

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Title:Orientalismus a sebeorientalizace
Translated title:Orientalism and Self-Orientalization
Glanc, Tomáš
Uncontrolled Keywords:Orientalism, Said, Edward, slavic studies
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Journal or Publication Title:Czech Literature
Page Range:pp. 877-890
Publisher:Institute of Czech Literature AS CR
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Glanc, Tomáš (2009) Orientalismus a sebeorientalizace. Czech Literature, 57 (6). pp. 877-890. ISSN 0009-0468

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